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Every character has a different background and a different personality. They might not be easy to pick up from the comic, so I will explain their character traits here. You might notice some of these characters are not as fleshed out as others. I might still be working on some of these guys, so you can expect a few changes in the future.

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Jack Name: Jack
Occupation: High School Geometry Teacher
Bio: Jack is very knowledgeable when it comes to math. His favorite branch of mathematics is, of course, geometry. He became a teacher to share the wonders of geometry with young minds, and he loves his job. However, in recent years, he has noticed a lack of interest in his kids. No amount of insulting them, throwing chalk at them, or spritzing them with water could gain back their attention. Feeling that the power of geometry was dwindling away, he became a self-proclaimed super hero with the name Super Geometry Dude and swore to protect the name of geometry.
Personality: Jack is an excellent teacher and a cool guy, though he is an expert at hiding these two things. He loves his students, but he's also good at hiding that, as he likes to torment them. He insults the girls frequently, but he has been known to claim that this is only because it drives them to do better on tests. Most people believe he does it because he just doesn't like girls. He loves his job, but he often complains that it doesn't bring in enough money. He also loves geometry, and is quite disappointed when others, especially his students, do not share his same opinion.
Other Facts: Jack is a big fan of the Buffalo Bills football team. He is very dependent on his coffee. He hates English (as a subject in school) and often spells words in very absurd ways. He also dislikes English teachers. The exception is, of course, the one to which he is married.
Pika Name: Pika
Occupation: Super Geometry Dude's Sidekick
Bio: Pika is a Pikachu. Jack bought Pika at a Wal-Mart because he thought that a Pikachu would make a good sidekick. Pika wasn't too keen on the idea and defied Jack at first. Like most Pikachu, Pika wasn't going to obey his master until he was sure his master deserved his respect. Jack tried to be very patient with Pika, but he was finally driven to anger. Pika felt bad about hurting Jack's feelings and agreed to be more cooperative.
Personality: Pika, being a Pikachu, has a mean temper. However, he is very loyal to and fiercely protective of those he calls his friends.
Other Facts: Pika has a very effective thundershock attack.
Kevin Name: Kevin
Grade: 9
Personality: Kevin is an average kid. He often grumbles about school, and has a rather grudging attitude toward it. He does, however, try to apply himself, and he makes average grades. He would much rather have fun than do his homework, which is quite often what happens. He leaves his homework to do on the bus, before school, and in the middle of other classes. He's usually a nice kid and he doesn't have many problems with getting along with others. He can be provoked to anger, though, when he feels he has been dealt an injustice.
Other Facts: Kevin's best friend is Brian.
Ally Name: Ally
Grade: 9
Personality: Ally is a "go-getter." If something needs doing, she'll be the first to try to do it. She is eager to take action on things in which she believes. When working in groups, she likes to be the leader. This is fine with everyone else because, generally, she is a good leader. She's not too fond of school, but she tolerates it. She usually gets along well with other people, but sometimes others feel a bit intimidated of her.
Other Facts: Ally doesn't like school too much, but she makes an exception with her computer science class. She is a great programmer and she makes good grades in that class. I used to draw her with an orange and red shirt, but I have since discovered that orange is the sickest color in the universe. I start to feel ill when I see too much orange in one place. Now she wears the much more agreeable color of maroon. Have I been brainwashed? I think so. But it's a good thing... trust me.
Floyd Name: Floyd
Grade: 9
Personality: Floyd is, for the most part, a shy kid. He doesn't speak up very often. He's afraid of doing anything adventurous. He generally makes good grades in school.
Other Facts: Floyd is an excellent programmer.
Jordan Name: Jordan
Grade: 9
Personality: Jordan is the active one of the group. She likes to play sports and she's quite competitive. She doesn't like to lose. Her favorite sport is soccer. She also likes basketball and skiing.
Other Facts: Jordan is on the school's girl's soccer team.
Brian Name: Brian
Grade: 9
Personality: Brian is a good student and he typically makes very good grades. He's always the one on top of things. He always has his assignments done and turned in on time. He is also very polite. Brian likes to be optimistic about things, especially situations that appear to be bad. This sometimes annoys his peers.
Other Facts: Brian's favorite subjects are math and science. His best friend is Kevin.
Missy Name: Missy
Grade: 9
Personality: Missy is nice and happy when things are going her way, but when they're not, that outlook changes. She can get a very bad temper, and most of the kids try not to do anything to make her mad for fear that her temper will surface. However, Missy usually knows when it's not appropriate and will try to hold her anger back during those times.
Other Facts: Missy is short for Melissa, but she hates it when people call her that. Every now and then, she'll change her hairstyle, just to see how it'll look on her.
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