The Adventures of Super Geometry Dude
The idea for this comic didn't just come to me one day out of the blue. Well, maybe it did, but that's not the point. This has been in the works for some seven years, now. Yes. You read right. And things have changed since I first began...
In the Beginning...
It all started in Israel. Really. It did. For Spring Break 2000, my family decided to go to Israel. While we were sitting in our nasty little room in Jerusalem, I was bored. I had nothing to do but draw. So I did. I was a big Pokémon fan at the time, so I started drawing this guy who was a Pokémon trainer. I thought he looked kind of cute. I needed to name him, and my sister provided the name Kevin. Sound familiar? Yes, the first character I ever drew was Kevin. This is why I draw Kevin most often. I started out with him. I've been drawing him for three years. Though I no longer have that first picture, I do have some pretty old ones from 2000.

Old Kevins

Pretty darn bad, huh? Those were rescued from my old Algebra notes.

So there they are, the first Kevins. Now, that thing on his head in the fourth picture is a Geezark. What's a Geezark, you ask? Good question. I told you Kevin started out as a Pokémon trainer. Well, he quickly switched to a Geezark trainer. One day, I decided to draw a new Pokémon. I called it Oostervey, but quickly changed the name to Ooshtervey. My sisters thought this was pretty clever, so we came up with a new idea: Geezarks. The were exactly like Pokémon. We soon came up with tons of these things. Ooshtervey was joined by his evolved form, Ishterpi. My sisters and I came up with many more, each name stranger than the last.

First Geezarks

Like Pokémon there was a trio of heroes, and a duo of antagonists. The only important one of that bunch is Kevin, because he is the only one who survived. I dissolved the others. Kevin's been through everything!

So that's how it all started, a bad remix of Pokémon. A pretty pathetic beginning, if you ask me. I'm surprised I've kept the whole drawing thing up.

Phase Two
As is expected to happen, as I continued drawing, my style changed. My characters got skinnier. Their eyes came closer together, and their heads got squashed. Not much of an improvement over the original, but it certainly looks better. It was about this time that I created Ally.

New and Improved!
Super Geometry Dude
Finally, we've gotten to the real focus! The question now is, how did I switch from Geezarks to SGD? Simple. First, I came to the realization that Geezarks were a really stupid idea. I stopped drawing them altogether. SGD then came about because of a conversation my friend, Birdee, and I had one day. We both had the same Geometry teacher. He actually did throw chalk at people and spray them with water. He'd rave about how perfect his circles were and was very dependent on coffee. We were talking about him one day and said he looks like his name should be Jack. (His name wasn't Jack.) And then she said he should be a super hero. I went home that day, drew two pictures, and the rest, as they say, is history. The first picture shown below is actually one of those first two pictures I drew.

First Jack

Early Jacks

Exact dates are unknown, but the idea for Super Geometry Dude came up during the school year of 2000-2001.

The Next Step
During the summer of 2001, I continued to draw and change my technique. The characters grew skinnier; they were reduced to toothpicks. A few good things came out of it, though. Their heads, though still squashed, were not quite as squashed. Now you can see that they're wearing pants, as before it looked like they were wearing skirts. The sleeves on the shirts are much better. And now, instead of hands disappearing behind their backs, they disappear inside pockets.

Could They Get Any Thinner?
There's More?
By the beginning of summer, 2002, my characters began to take the shape you see now. They lost the toothpick look, and their heads didn't look quite as squashed. They still need a little tweaking to get where they are now, though.

Still Needs a Little Work

Since the creation of SGD up to the summer of 2002, there had been many SGD comics. None of them followed any specific plot, however. They were all just one-pagers. It was around this point in time that I thought a real comic would be cool. A real comic with flowing plot lines and the works. I signed up for a Keenspace account. And while I was waiting for my account to get activated (it takes a few months) I started drawing comics. All through summer I drew comics. By the end of that summer, my characters had evolved still more, though not much. See the first comic for an example.

Of course, every hero needs to have a sidekick. Birdee and I came up with a Pikachu with the very original name of Pika. I don't know why we decided on a Pikachu... I guess it was insanely funny at the time. This is a progression of Pika's design.

Pika Progression
The End of an Era
And here we have the last remnants of a once proud civilization. These are the "square heads" at their best. Take a good look, folks, because it's the last you'll see of them.

Jack and Pika

Best of the Square Heads

Now, now, I know what you're thinking. "What? I just finished a page of this and there's still more?!" The answer is yes. So why don't you go, make yourself a sandwich, watch a good movie, and then come back and plod through the second stage in my development.

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