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Continued from part one.
The Beginning of an Era
In January 2004, I was sitting in my physics class. I had been wondering for a while about a new drawing style, one that would incorporate noses and ears... and maybe not-so-square heads. So I flipped to the end of my physics notebook and drew this. It was the start of a new beginning.

first new era drawing: Jake

This character's name is Jake, and whether or not you'll see him in the comic is still to be decided. What matters is that this is the first "new style" doodle I drew. More came...

Black Hole Eyes

All of these pictures come from January 2004, and I quite liked them. Especially that one of Missy. I still like that one of Missy. The big problem was with the eyes, which I have dubbed "Black Hole Eyes." For a time, I thought the eyes were cool, but then they just got... uncool. So I had to think of something else.

The Battle of the Eyes
So there I was, stuck with trying to create a new style of eyes. The Black Holes just weren't going to work. I briefly tried the eyes shown in these two pictures from mid January 2004, but... well... as you can see... they're just... creepy.

Creepy Eyes

Then I tried the little 'C' shapes shown in these pictures from late January/early February 2004.

'C' Shaped Eyes

Those were a little better, but not quite right. I finally hit the target in February 2004 by spacing the eyes a little further apart and eliminating the little curve underneath them.

Better Eyes

But once I solved that problem, I soon became aware of another. Their heads were too circular.

Battle of the Heads
Thus began the battle of the heads. Around early March, the heads changed from being too circular to being too... square. Oh, no! A relapse!

Not square heads again!

Some time around summer of 2004, the heads started taking more shape to become what you see now. Also, Jack's beard changed from just a square around his mouth to being a fuller, more beard-like entity. The images below range from late 2004 to mid 2005.

Shaped Heads
Pika! (Again)
More Pika Power! The human characters aren't the only ones who've changed.

Pika Progression
Current Times
This picture of Kevin, drawn in early 2005, shows how much my characters have changed since their days as "Square Heads." I draw them bigger now... much bigger. They take up much more room on a piece of paper. I used to be able to draw several comics on one piece of paper... now it's hard to squeeze just one comic in. Also, if you'll notice, when I first started drawing eared people, the ears were... quite big. But as time progressed, the ears have shrunk to a more... manageable size. One more thing. I also used to draw most of my characters face-on. But now I mostly draw them turned to one side. I used to hate drawing them that way, but now I find it easier. Isn't it funny how things turn out?

Current Kevin

Of course, there is no guarantee that this is the final product. As you have seen, my style tends to change over time. There is no doubt that it will continue to change. On the list of things to improve: *shudder* hands.

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